HHJ Anuja Ravindra Dhir QC

Jan 23 - 2024 10 views
Jan 23 - 2024 10 views

HHJ Anuja Ravindra Dhir QC

Anuja is the first ever non-white, and youngest, judge to sit at the Old Bailey in London. She is also one of the first Asian woman to be appointed Queen’s Counsel. In 2012, Anuja became a full-time circuit judge and has appeared in cases involving national security, human rights and vulnerable witnesses. Over the last 20 years, Anuja has been at the forefront of teaching and mentoring projects in the UK and abroad. She was appointed a judicial mentor and role model in 2014 and is the governor of the City Academy in Hackney, working on a range of outreach projects. Earlier this year, Anuja was appointed a circuit judge commissioner on the Judicial Appointments Commission, an independent commission that selects judges in England and Wales. In 2017, she was named Woman of the Year at the GG2 Leadership Awards.

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